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  • Dealing with health & safety hazards in the workplace, legislative requirements, and the enormous costs associated with occupational incidents can be a difficult task. East Coast Mobile Medical Inc. can make that easier for you. Working with a certified health and safety professional will make your workplace safer, healthier and more profitable .

Return to Work

ECMM can provide services to help get your employees back on their feet in cases of illness or injury. These programs range from physiotherapy to ergonomic assessments to fitness tests. Let us know what your needs are and we will work with you to achieve them.

Occupational Therapy

Many occupations cause physical stress; providing occupational therapy services to your employees can prevent injury, boost productivity, and secure the longevity of your employees’ careers. Get in touch to discuss how ECMM can help administer occupational therapy programs in your workplace.

Chemical Exposure

Exposure to environmental and chemical toxins is an on-going concern for many employers today. Trace metals and other contaminants can affect the health of your employees, both in the long and short term. ECMM can facilitate environmental testing in your workplace and help secure solutions to problems that may be identified.  For more information on environmental testing, call us today.


Vaccinations can be a required component of medical exams, job site requirements or overseas travel. ECMM can help ensure your staff has the proper vaccinations for their situation, administering the vaccines in a place of convenience.

Hearing Conservation Programs

Many industries are legislated to provide Hearing Conservation Programs for their employees, ECMM will work with you to develop a Hearing Conservation Plan that will cover all your needs.

WCB Safety Certified Programs

Being WCB Safety certified  means meeting some of  the highest health and safety standards in the country through strategic  risk management. This investment eliminates incidents and injury that can ultimately affect productivity and your organization’s bottom line.  "WCB Safety Certified accreditation demonstrates that your business takes safety seriously.  It signifies your on-going commitment to making your workplace the safest it can be." This highly valued accreditation is one of ECMM’s offerings. We will come in and train you and facilitate the certification from start to finish. If your organization is interested in becoming a Safety Certified company please call us.