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What is an ergonomic assessment?

An assessment of the body mechanics used by a worker to complete a job, which are conducted at the work site. Recommendations are verbally expressed or a report may be created. This report may be useful for developing return to work plans or setting up modified duties or summarise ergonomic risk factors and included specific recommendations. 

What is a Hearing Conservation Program?

This program will be expertly managed for you by ECMM and includes baseline and annual hearing screening, visual inspection of the ear cannal, as well as education on the appropriate use of hearing protection. The program and reports are structured and customized for your specific requirements. 

What is a Respiratory Fitness Program?

ECMM's respiratory fitness program consists of an OSHA respiratory questionnaire as well as a pulmonary function test to determine fitness to wear a respiratory . As a part of ECMM's health seurveillance programs the respiratory fitness program is conducted and monitored annually.