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  • Employees are vital to the health of all companies. Customized health screenings with follow-up lifestyle modifications can help employees stay healthy and improve their well being through prevention and early treatment. Assessments are a tool to control premium costs, avoid unanticipated replacements, manage succession planning and minimize business disruptions.

    Call or visit us today to learn about the health and medical assessments available through ECMM.

Medical Exams

There are many occasions when an employer is obliged to provide standard medical exams for their employees. ECMM can help you arrange and manage these services.  We provide pre-employment, annual, and executive assessments as well as Miners Medical, CAPP, seafarers’ and NS drivers’ medical exams.  We also provide medical surveillance programs that may be required based on specific project based work.  Call our office today to speak with one of our representatives regarding your needs.


Vaccinations can be a required component of medical exams, job site requirements or overseas travel. ECMM can help you make sure your staff has received the proper vaccinations for their situation and administer the vaccines in a place of convenience.    We also provide on-site flu clinics for organizations.  The benefits of providing a workplace flu clinic is that we come to you; your employees do no thave to worry about making an appointment with their family doctor; you will know that your employees have been vaccinated against the flu, reduces absenteeism and can boost employee morale by showing your employees that you care about their wellness.  Call our office for more details.

Paternity Testing

ECMM has partnered with Orchid Cellmark a world leader in DNA Testing.  We understand that paternity testing can profoundly affect the lives of those involved and we are happy to chat with anyone requiring these services to identify the type of test that suits their unique situation. 

Blood/Urine Collection

ECMM can provide corporations with mobile blood/urine collection services so that your employees don’t have to spend valuable time in hospital waiting rooms during the workday.  This is a convenient, efficient and affordable service that is beneficial to both the employer and the employee.  Call our office today for more information on this service.

Specialty Exams and Diagnostics

There may be scenarios in your workplace that lend themselves to a specific stream of testing, whether its stress-related, vision-related, hearing-related, or otherwise. ECMM is here to arrange and administer these sort of tests as well to help you keep on top of your employees health.  We offer the following medical testing and diagnostic services: pulmonary function; vision; hearing; blood tests; ekg, etc.  If you do not see the medical service that you require please call our office to speak with one of our representatives.

Return to Work

ECMM can provide services to help your employees recover from illness or injury. These programs range from physiotherapy to ergonomics assessments to fitness tests. Let us know what your needs are and we will work with you to achieve them.