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What is a Pre-Employment/pre access health assessment?

The pre-employment health assessment is a tool to help prevevent companies from hiring individuals with past or existing health problems, or screen current employees who may not be aware of any existing health concerns. A company's exposure to workman's compensation and/or short term/long term disability claims may be reduced. 

Pre access testing may be a requirement prior to the employee having access to a work site, and the employer must receive a fit certificate prior to the employee perfoming any safety sensitive functions. 

What is an annual surveillance program?

The annual health servaillance program provides yearly comparison of an employee's health screenings, allowing for early detection and intervention to prevent occupational illness or disease, as well as to identify any trending occupational health risks within a company's work environment.

What types of parternity tests do you offer?

We offer two types of paternity testing, the laboratory procedures and the accuracy of the results are the same for both options. 

'Curiosity' testing is a self collection kit that can be done from home. The kits and instructions are sent upon request, once the collection is complete the samples are sent back to ECMM, then on to the lab. The results are accurate and reliable, however since the test is completed in a non-clinical setting, the results are anonymous and are not admissible in court. 

'Court Ready' testing is completed at one of ECMM's collection sites by a trained collector. The identity of each party is confirmed prior to collection of the samples, and results are returned with each participants name, thus these results are admissible in court.

What is an ergonomic assessment?

An assessment of the body mechanics used by a worker to complete a job, which are conducted at the work site. Recommendations are verbally expressed or a report may be created. This report may be useful for developing return to work plans or setting up modified duties or summarise ergonomic risk factors and included specific recommendations.