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  • ECMM partners with many other businesses to ensure you get the service you require in the best way possible. Below are some of the partners that have helped us meet our clients’ needs.

  • Dynacare Laboratories

    ECMM uses Dynacare, a certified and accredited laboratory , for the screening of both urine and hair collections. 

  • Orchid Pro DNA

    ECMM has partnered with Orchid PRO-DNA, a division of Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories, the largest DNA identification testing company in Canada, providing parentage, and kinship DNA analysis.

  • Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association

    ECMM is a recognized Service Provider to the APTA

  • Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

    Work Safe. For Life. Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia - Implementing safety systems and processes is a recognized way to effectively manage risk and reduce injury and illness.    


    DATIA - Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association - with over 1300 members, DATIA now represents the entire spectrum of drug and alcohol service providers including sites, laboratories, consortiums/TPAs, MROs, and testing equipment manufacturers. http://www.da" target="_blank">http://www.da ">http://www.da ...

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