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Oil & Gas

Testing and monitoring to protect your people.
  • Nothing is more important in the oil and gas industry than the health and safety of people, as well as the preservation and protection of the environment.

    Conducting drug and alcohol testing to ensure that workers are not impaired on the job is just one example of how ECMM can help your organization. Here are other services that we can offer to promote health, wellness and safety in the workplace.

    ECMM can work with you to ensure you are meeting compliance requirements that meet your industry standards.

    Here are some of the services that ECMM can offer your organization;

    • Medical Health Assessments
    • Spirometry Testing
    • Audiograms
    • Drug and Alcohol Programs/Testing
    • Vaccinations

Oil & Gas news

  • Canadian Model for Providing a Safe Workplace

    The Canadian Model For Providing a Safe Workplace: Drug and Alcohol Guidelines And Work Rule v5.0 is the most recent version of the Canadian Model released by the Construction Owners Association of A...

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Oil & Gas services

  • Hearing Conservation Programs

    Many industries are legislated to provide Hearing Conservation Programs for their employees, ECMM will work with you to develop a Hearing Conservation Plan that will cover all ...

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  • Chemical Exposure

    Exposure to environmental and chemical toxins is an on-going concern for many employers today. Trace metals and other contaminants can affect the health of your employees, both in the long and sho...

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  • Occupational Therapy

    Many occupations cause physical stress; providing occupational therapy services to your employees can prevent injury, boost productivity, and secure the longevity of your employees’ careers....

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  • Return to Work

    ECMM can provide services to help your employees recover from illness or injury. These programs range from physiotherapy to ergonomics assessments to fitness tests. Let us know what your needs are...

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  • Specialty Exams and Diagnostics

    There may be scenarios in your workplace that lend themselves to a specific stream of testing, whether its stress-related, vision-related, hearing-related, or otherwise. ECMM is here to arrange an...

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  • Vaccination

    Vaccinations can be a required component of medical exams, job site requirements or overseas travel. ECMM can help you make sure your staff has received the proper vaccinations for their...

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  • Medical Exams

    There are many occasions when an employer is obliged to provide standard medical exams for their employees. ECMM can help you arrange and manage these services.  We provide pre-employment, an...

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  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness/Reasonable Suspicion Training

    This training will provide supervisors, managers and frontline supervisors with information and the skills to recognize signs of impairment caused by drug and alcohol usage in the workplace. Thi...

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  • Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP)

    Involving a substance abuse professional is the responsible next step for an employer should their employees’ test results indicate drug or alcohol abuse. We have experts in our network and ...

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  • Alcohol Testing

    ECMM can implement alcohol testing services that are tailored to suite your organization's requirements. We have locations throughout Atlantic Canada and North America as well as the capa...

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  • Drug Testing

    ECMM can implement drug testing services that are tailored to suite your organization's requirements. We have locations throughout Atlantic Canada and North America as well as the capabil...

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  • Policy Development

    A workplace can greatly benefit from implementing a drug and alcohol policy for their employees. Currently, we provide this service to more than 600 businesses across Canada. We will review your n...

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